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Madhoshi thi bewajeh
Us mithe se shaam ke gulistan mein
Khamoshi thi bewajeh
Jab jaam ne saath choda hamara
Na hogi subah socha dubara
Par pyar ke us registan mein
Fir chayi thi laali bewajeh..


Kabhi ki dua thi, ki dua mein khuda aaye
Dua na mili
Toh apni hi bandagi kar li..

The Greener the tree, the darker the shadow is
So is the calm, and brighter the Halo is..

The concept of God and its existence are two different things. More importantly, the concept is independent of God it self and but exists more as a reality. Needless to say its all in the mind.. but isn’t it where it should be?

The Hindu belief of the cosmic spiritual phenomena is the concept of the supreme, that of God. The ultimate faith is human but the profound being is Truth. Any religion is merely to seek this truth. Its a cycle of seeking and believing(what we also call life; so universal it does not matter if it is human or not, if it is matter or not). Like every cycle, it is endless. One may sometimes think, physical entities like space and/or time exist just to define its edges, to form its boundaries.

But if, seeking the truth was religion, what is not! Everyone, from the beggar on the streets to a marijuana stuffed gangster, is seeking the truth?

His Truth.. Yes.

The misery, the pain, the ecstasy are their truth at that moment. Lost so much, in that moment, they often don’t see if this is their truth, or the truth they are looking for.

The point is, if life indeed is a cycle(am getting geometric here 🙂 ), then how would you see the cycle of life as it is, in its full form, specially as long as you are still tied in space and time. Perhaps, this explains the Hindu ideas of ‘Moksha‘ and breaking out of life itself. This, to be free from desire, seeking, good or bad, happy or sad, and just ‘Be’ beyond all that is – at the centre of this cycle or all around it. Be that ultimate conscious that does not reside in the mind and hence does not start or end. This is the Nirvana of Being, the truth herself and hence the supreme – the SHIVA. The Shakti being the human aspect, giving rise to this entire concept of the ultimate in Human.

Four ladies in crimson, pose elegantly in red chairs in front. And the crowd laughing their balls off. I realize for a moment I am the only vagina in single piece, others are all paired (couples). Eh.. What the heck! I wink, laugh and roll along with the others.

It wasn’t an act, it was a narration. Something that should have Been. Thanks to Elsner. People, who had just heard the moans of a vagina, now knew them by varying range of frequencies and varying amplitudes, now know them by the emotion they may signify. God there is beauty in the rainbows!

The concept of the play is to put the voice of the vagina forward. These, like ‘women’, remain mysterious to this day. Elsner interviewed women from different professions, ages and races and compiled this funny yet tangy anthology of monologues; involves every kind of humour but with honesty. The ‘vagina’ comes alive in the act.

By nature, the vagina remains hidden and hence its secrets. And this, like truth is better understood when discovered 😉 . There’s this part of the play, when the ladies take you through different emotions it involves. Its sacred.. sacred all right. But chuck the sanctity man.Very practically, moods of the play change in a blink-

There is a moment when she is defining the heavy long-awaited emotions of the vagina in Moans, moans of every hue, frequency and amplitude ;). One when she tells us that they touch and cut her off, is just not what she wants. She hates to be treated like a thing, an object of mindless desire. A moment, when she is reluctant to shave off the hair around her dignity. When she loved to just die in the beauty of his eyes, absorbing the beauty of her vagina. There were so many of those moments, implied but not discussed in the play; A moment, when life stands still at her door when she is to deliver a baby. Time when she is that all powerful, but of course beautiful goddess of sex, where she defines every breath. Still there are times in her life when she is there just for him, seconds meaningful, just because he is in there. Her body, the embodiment of erotica, is the real journey of life from what one can see, to what one can actually believe in.

The humanness in man and the mystery of life is somewhere always related to woman, her feminine ness. Have they ever wondered if men could ever bear the force of hormones, they would be worse. The play encourages women to feel and enjoy and be fearless about her sexuality. This is nature- the minimum they can desire. Recently, I found an interpretation of Hinduism which identifies two aspects of the Devine- The Nature (Shatarupa) and Shiva. Women, you are supposed to treat yourself the best way. The philosophy that worshipped Shiva is primitive (am a follower) but the one that worships Shiva and Shakti together is ‘evolved’.

The beauty that lies in her smile and the sparkle of her eyes is not something that man can understand in one life, unless he is God himself. Not sure a believer but god is a metaphor here. Finally, as we own a bigger heart and a wiser head, we must live by choice , a life without fear and as beautiful as us.

The play is very matured in its thought and presentation. A great piece of art, creativity and imagination.

In a city like Gurgaon, where anywhere you turn your head you find sunlight struggling to find grass and dust fills the air,all you can see is high rise buildings. Here, infact in and around this region, NCR as we call it, it has been hard to find ‘news’ these days cause its mostly static. The new definition of NCR stands as National Crime Region[erstwhile National Capital Region] more so with the new initiative of TOI- Times Gurgaon.  Theres nothing called good news. Some people would present the rhetoric that theres nothing called good truth- bad truth… yeah whatever, go ahead.

Every other day you can find these ‘typical truths’ juggling across different slots, different quadrants in City pages. Some of these(more eternal ones) like rape- where women of unexpected age group equally get to the hall of fame, murder- mostly hollywood style, psychotic and filmy kind, uproar by the traffic scented and persistently dented
population of Gurgaon, are arranged in a matrix of robberies and vehicle snatching. Funny thing here.. there’s hardly any public transport here; if you reserve a[green ;)] auto, be ready to get the driver beaten up. And daring the dig-outs on the roads, if you do get a vehicle (any on wheels), the supermen here snatch it at gunpoint.

Hence our definition keeps on changing from NCR to National Crime Region to Murder Capital Region to National Central Rape Region and so on.. The city has become the prodigal son battling to keep its ego and its human antithesis above its originality. While its native lot is respectably much more beautiful than its superficial verdigris, its mall-e-

There are times when life shrinks down to mere moments. You don’t share them and under the clouds of dust, of time  they grow… like forests. Sometimes in introspection, you see  them.. wanting to be green leaves.. giving a yellow smile, for want of sunshine. Although it rains still, they grow not with the torrent in the drops but with each lightning drawing red across the dark blue sky. The flowers that should have hissed and shied, now resonate the thunder that fills the sky..

And yet again… in other moments when you look above the self, there is a clear dark sky jutted with wonder, often they reflect your lovely smile and.. and sometimes the dessert within. 🙂
Feel the wind ehh.. Go out and dance, catch the lightning from its horns, tear the ear drums, Sing that song again.. Sing that song again..

Mann toh karta hai raatbhar jaagun
zakhme jism darde bayaan
khoone kalam se likh daalun
shor machayega tu kitne, ja tu apni haden dhoond le
peer ke nagmon ko mitane wale
ja tu apni wajah dhoond le
jo har subeh bhujhe har raat jale
us charag ki law ke tale
apne makhbare ki jagah dhoond le
Oh jaane wale
in jheel se gehri aankhon  ka kya
woh galon ke bhanwar
woh ghazal si behki kamar ka kya
jab cheda tha kisi khayal mein tumne
woh aeenaye nazmm , us lafse bemisaal ka kya karoon

Mann toh karta hai, jo aayi thi aandhi
us ke har tinke ko cheer dalun
jal jaaun khud
pathar ko pani bana dalun
ashiqui nahi hai shayar ka nazrana
aye dost
yeh nahi hai saki ka maekhana
sadiyon ki muddat se mile jo
yeh hai fakir ka woh khazana


is paemane ko bharte bharte raat beet jaae
inshah allah
woh subeh kabhi na aaye
jab khuda bande se pooche
dikha .. kya chupata hai
dard hoton tale dabata hai?
is chand si soorat ke peeche
seerat mein apne gham dabata hai?
khol seena ki raushan karoon
in zakhmon se kayanat ko
bandagi mein aye peer
peergi mein apna ber chupata hai..

In the light of Darkness

Let the song Prevail..

When to the whispers of a Geisha

My soul will set Sail

I shall be Reborn

To the tune of  Sadness

Where in, the Hell

Bows to Me and bids Goodbye

Tempers its selfless Honour

And screams to My High..

Recently there has been many cases of ‘killing for honour‘, young people who have married or are in love for that matter. And most of this is happening in our most fertile and rich lands. The cause is simple and right in front of you-
Casteism.  Casteism, hate, divisions… all fine but wait, where does crass violence and cold blooded murder come in? In a land, we all used to be proud of these have become a common occurrence.
Casteism is followed for the wrong reasons in many places but is expressed as violence in very few. What we fail to understand is whereas started for the right reasons, it has mostly been followed for the ‘wrong’.The premises for the
formation of castes has been purely based on ‘Karma’ whereas people follow it solely for its ‘ Dharmic‘ connotations building them out of thin air. When it was made, it was formed so that the experiences, practices, skills and learning a
man gained from his work(karma) could be easily passed on to his progeny so that the coming generations would excel and won’t have to start from scratch or reinvent the wheel. And look how complicated it has become today! A weakness in our society which many have exploited by their quotas, reservations, etc , followed our rules only to deepen the divides. 🙂

But as you may see, though some of these areas are counted among the wealthiest states in India, they are not the most educated. Heck, this is the root of the problem! If  this is ‘expected’ here, what do we expect from the other poorer and still ignorant ones? Taking the convicts to jail is just the beginning of the solution and technically is only a symptomal relief. Its like taking a pain killer to calm the pain, when you are internally bleeding , you are still bleeding dude!
Education and awareness are a critical need for the whole nation. The only solution, the only answer. These are not ‘socio-economic’ but ‘social’ issues which should be carefully dealt with. The irony is even some of the very educated
people of the land support it or act helpless by citing its complexity. Whereas it is plain ignorance. If he/she is the pride of the family, her choices should be equally trusted and given a chance to further it. At the end… where is your ‘ honour’ if your ‘pride’ has been ruthlessly crushed ?